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Family Owned RV Rental Business

Hi and welcome! We are the McLaughlins, a family of 6 from South East Michigan. We have always enjoyed the outdoors and in 2020 decided to sell our cabin in a National Forest and purchase our first camper. Over the past few years we have built some great memories traveling across the country. Some of our favorite trips have been the Black Hills in South Dakota and Hocking Hills in Ohio. Our goal has always been to take our children to as many states as we can! In 2022 we decided to start renting our camper when not in use to help others experience the adventures found on, what we like to call, a road 2 freedom. We never would have guessed that we would love meeting new families and providing them with the security, comfort, and ease of a camper so much that we would be starting a company and expanding our offering! As campers ourselves, we know all of the little things that make a camping trip seamless and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service from experience.  We hope to provide this exceptional service to you!

Family Owned Camper Rental Business

Our Company Headquarters

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