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"Top 10 Must-Have Items to Buy After Purchasing a Camper"

Congratulations on purchasing a camper! Whether you are a seasoned camper or new to the camping world, there are several items you'll need to purchase before hitting the road. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top items you need to buy after purchasing a camper.

  1. Leveling Blocks: Leveling your camper is essential to ensure your comfort and safety. Leveling blocks come in handy when your campsite isn't level. They can also help stabilize your camper when parked on an uneven surface. You can purchase leveling blocks made of plastic, wood, or rubber.

  2. Water Hose and Filter: You'll need a potable water hose and filter to fill up your camper's water tank. The water hose should be rated for drinking water and be at least 25 feet long. A water filter will ensure the water you're drinking is clean and safe.

  3. Sewer Hose and Connections: Properly disposing of your wastewater is crucial when camping. You'll need a sewer hose and connections to empty your black and gray tanks. Make sure to purchase a durable hose that can handle the rigors of camping.

  4. RV Toilet Paper: Regular toilet paper can clog your camper's black tank. RV toilet paper is specifically designed to break down in your tank, preventing clogs and backups.

  5. Surge Protector: Protect your camper's electrical system from surges and spikes with a surge protector. This is especially important when camping in RV parks with unreliable electrical systems.

  6. Wheel Chocks: Prevent your camper from rolling or moving when parked by using wheel chocks. They are an affordable and essential safety item.

  7. Propane Tank: Many campers rely on propane for cooking, heating, and refrigeration. Make sure to purchase a spare propane tank, so you're not left without fuel when you need it.

  8. First Aid Kit: Accidents can happen when camping, so make sure to pack a first aid kit. It should include items like bandages, antiseptic, pain relievers, and other essentials.

  9. Camping Chairs and Table: Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort by purchasing camping chairs and a table. You'll appreciate having a comfortable place to sit and eat your meals.

  10. LED Lights: Add some ambiance to your campsite with LED lights. They use less power than traditional lights and can be powered by a portable battery pack.

In conclusion, these are the top items you need to purchase after buying a camper. By investing in these items, you'll have a safer and more comfortable camping experience. Happy camping!

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